Turning Creative Pursuits Into a Successful Remote Business for Women Entrepreneurs, 804
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In today's episode of Your Ultimate Life podcast with Kellan Fluckiger... Listen in as we discuss the growing remote work and entrepreneurship trend driven by the ongoing pandemic. Joined by my business partner and guest, Joy Flukiger, we navigate the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, its challenges, and the characteristics required for success in this domain. We share our personal experiences, reflecting on the changes in the work environment and the rise of the remote work culture. Get inspired by the story of an entrepreneur who carved out a living from her creative endeavors, a journey that involves traditional Japanese kimono making and temporary jobs. We highlight the importance of hands-on instruction, ideation, and decisiveness. We also underline the significance of taking on temporary jobs to build a following, pursuing a full-time job for financial stability, and the flexibility these roles offer. Lastly, join us as we explore the power of dreaming big and the role of confidence in turning creative ideas into businesses. Discover how to create your ultimate life, harnessing your passion and turning it into a profitable venture. Learn the importance of staying updated with trends, experimenting, and maintaining balance even while juggling multiple responsibilities. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with Joy. Tune in, subscribe, and share your feedback! KELLAN'S GIFTS AND FREEBIES FOR LISTENERS With Kellan's goal to help 50 million people this year, he has many free tools to help you achieve your goals. 1.  The 5-Day Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Accelerator Challenge. You are an Ambitious Entrepreneur, but longing for more... a lasting legacy, perhaps? Something to fulfill you other than cash? Put your triple helix of Existing Skills, Natural Gifts, and Life Experience to amplify YOUR DNA to greatness. YOU are destined for Greatness... Learn more about leveraging and amplifying your Triple Helix of skills, gifts, and experiences for that lasting legacy. The next challenge starts soon. Visit www.ultimatelifechallenge.com to learn more AND Join Today - Remember, YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. 2.  Free 12-part Audio series - Master Your Monsters (www.masteryourmonsters.com) to help you overcome some of the common pitfalls: The "I have no time monster," procrastination, I can't do this, No one will buy my product/service, etc. 3. Calling All Coaches... This popular challenge is BACK. The Love em, Coach em, Sign em, 5-Day Challenge returns in Fall 2023. Are you having trouble filling your coaching practice? Are your closings less than optimal? Join our challenge. To learn more, go to www.lovecoachsignem.com. The challenge's focus is to help coaches create a process to generate predictable income by eliminating the fear of selling and the doubts about the value of their coaching. 4.   Visit Kellan's website at: www.kellanfluckiger.com to get his FREE guide 5-Steps to Your Ultimate Life (...or put another way, 5 steps to getting any result you want). We love what we do... helping us spread the message would be appreciated. If you're enjoying these episodes, please share them with others. You can go to your favorite platform at: https://your-ultimate-life.captivate.fm
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