Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch w. Willa Paskin
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Willa Paskin (of Slate's Decoder Ring) brings Sarah back to 2005, when Tom Cruise jumping on a couch became the talk of the town. We will return to Amityville (part 3 of 3) next time!   Here's where to find Willa: Decoder Ring Support us: Bonus Episodes on Patreon Donate on Paypal Buy cute merch Tom Cruise on the couch notes Oprah episode: Tom Cruise Kills Oprah meme: Amy Nicholson's revelatory piece reframing Tom Cruise and the couch jump: Rich Juzwiak piece on the meaning of the couch jump: New York Times hand wringing about the event: few other interesting, what it all meant pieces: else to find us: Sarah's other show, You Are Good  [YWA co-founder] Mike's other show, Maintenance Phase Links: Support the show (
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