The Satmar Rav's Book Vayoel Moshe: His Thirteen Principles: Numbers 8 to 13
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The Satmar Rav's Book Vayoel Moshe: His Thirteen Principles: Numbers 8 to 13 - May 16, 2022 - Vayoel Moshe: Ikarim (Principles) #s 8-13, p. 347 8) Important Rabbis should not move up to Israel. Demonstrate against the Soviet Union 9) Only move to Israel for holy reasons 10) Better to stay abroad and send money to schools in Israel 11) Graves in Israel are almost everywhere, same as abroad 12) Buy land and buildings from gentiles, and also from Jewish heretics 13) If you are so righteous that you feel you must live in Israel, then do so. Throw out sinners from Israel. Herzl created anti-Semitism to make Jews become Zionists. R' Aaron Adler: Stories from his R' Soloveitchik book. History of the formation of Agudath Israel. Why Satmar Rav attacked Agudah so much. R' Rakeffet's departure from 3 Rabbis at YU. Selling land to gentiles.
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