Tyler Zed Podcast - Ep. 10 - China Lab Leak "Conspiracy", Kim Jong Un Bans Mullets, Jill Biden Tells Kamala Harris to "F***" Herself
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Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about a guy who raided George Floyd Square with an Axe, the China Lab Leak "Conspiracy" that the mainstream media is now saying could have happened... did they lie to us (again)? Kim Jong Un banning Mullets and America's military being too fat to fight.
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Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about the prediction that Biden will be forced to resign soon, the Olympic ratings disaster, a deadlier virus than COVID, TikTok time travelers and much more!
Published 07/29/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about a lady who prevented a Vegas Style Shooting, Pelosi's making millions on timely stock trades, Shohei Ohtani being compared to Babe Ruth, the Titanic didn't sink conspiracy, Trump suing Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey plus much more!
Published 07/14/21