Endings are tough. Whether it's a TV show you love, an event or activity you enjoyed, or a relationship you've been in for a long time, saying goodbye can be hard. Georgia and Rene discuss ways of coping with endings.
Published 10/24/14
Georgia and Rene talk about depression, what it is, how to know if you or someone you care about might be suffering from it, and how get or provide help.
Published 08/23/14
Georgia and Rene talk about the concept of inclusivity and giving everyone access and opportunity with technology. Also, a female Thor and the Falcon as Captain America.
Published 08/02/14
Georgia and Rene talk about the recently reported Facebook psychology experiments, how social affects our moods, and how to handle online anxiety.
Published 07/09/14
Georgia and Rene talk about how to avoid the most common fitness failures, including overtraining, self-sabotage, procrastination, and more!
Published 06/23/14
Georgia and Rene talk all about getting and staying motivated. Whether it's for a new exercise problem, nutrition, or anything else, we have tech and tips for getting it done!
Published 06/06/14
Georgia and Rene talk about all the gear and gadgets they use to make their lives easier and happier, including phone holders, coffee makers, kitchen knives, connected lights, phone and tablet chargers, and more!
Published 05/23/14
Serenity Caldwell of Macworld, Jessie Char of Pacific Helm, Georgia Dow of ZEN & TECH, and Brianna Wu of Giant Space Kat share their experiences with sexism in the tech industry, from coworkers to clients to conventions to culture and beyond.
Published 04/24/14
Panic attacks make you feel like you're going to die. They're natures fight or flight response gone wrong. So how can you handle them when they happen, and how can you reduce the chance and severity of future attacks?
Published 04/07/14
Georgia and Rene talk about how to make a great first impression, specifically at social gatherings like parties. How to dress, how to engage, how to disengage, and how to make connections!
Published 03/22/14
Georgia and Rene discuss procrastination, the many different reasons why we procrastinate, and how to overcome them and get things done!
Published 03/14/14
ZEN & TECH is our lifestyle podcast where we discuss how to center your inner geek. On this episode Georgia and Rene talk about how to handle a breakup. From staying classy to killing connections to dealing with grief to finding distraction to moving on and finding love again.
Published 03/03/14
Georgia and Rene discuss why we're social, how we interact on networks, the differences between SMS/MMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Line, Instagram, etc., how we benefit, and what can go wrong.
Published 02/27/14
Georgia and Rene talk about how to take the stress out of your — or your children's' —studies, including tips on getting it done faster and better, and the tools, tech, and apps that can help!
Published 02/05/14
Georgia and Rene discuss their 2014 reboots: Not letting fear hold them back, doing less but better, getting healthy, and balancing life. What's your reboot?
Published 01/24/14
Georgia and Rene talk about making the workplace a less stressful space. From de-cluttering to familiarizing to feng shui, ergonomics, and taking breaks.
Published 08/30/13
Georgia and Rene talk about everything from camera phones in the locker room to wiretaps on the internet and how we, as private people, can cope in an age of where everyone from friends to family to strangers to governments may be spying on us.
Published 07/31/13
It's platform week on Talk Mobile 2013 and Georgia and Rene are back to discuss the elephant in every comment system - fanboyz, haters, trolls, and griefers. Namely, if we love a phone - or anything else - why do we feel the need to hate on people who love different phones?
Published 07/16/13
Georgia and Rene tie into Talk Mobile 2013 and, as part of our ongoing parenting series, look at how we can handle kids going online and onto social networks, from when they're very young, to when they're legally adults.
Published 07/03/13
Windows 8 made us want our Start button back. iOS 7 caused icon strife. BlackBerry 10 was a huge departure. Going from TouchWiz to Sense can be stressful. And that's just technology! Imagine changing jobs, partners, and places in life! Georgia and Rene discuss the challenges of change!
Published 06/28/13
Georgia and Rene finish up Mobile Nations Fitness Month by talking about balance. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are great, but how do you fit them into your hectic work, school, and family life? Find out!
Published 02/28/13
Georgia and Rene are joined by WPCentral's Daniel Rubino, a former sleep technicians, to discuss the importance of rest, relaxation, meditation, and... sleep! We talk ways to sleep better, and go over common sleep conditions. This is ZEN and TECH!
Published 02/21/13
Georgia and Rene are joined by Phil Nickinson to talk Fitness Month 2013 and the benefits of good nutrition. We break down the habits, challenges, and importance of eating right and feeling great!
Published 02/14/13
Georgia and Rene are joined by Kevin Michaluk to talk Fitness Month 2013 and the benefits of exercise. From smartphones to pedometers to social scales, from sports to gyms to sex, we break down the urban myths and help get you moving!
Published 02/07/13
Georgia and Rene discuss why anger exists, how to tell if you have unhealthy levels of anger, how to find your triggers, and how to start taking back control of your anger. This is ZEN and TECH.
Published 11/16/12