ZM's Bree & Clint Podcast – January 20th 2020
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New giveaway Weird food truck Dean McCarthy live from LA New hotel How soon did you get engaged? Cliff Hanger! Men shouldn’t plan weddings Did your parents get with your friends parent? Birthday Banger! The last Blockbuster Snooker Bad internet habits New food trend
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Do you not eat veges? Dean McCarthy live from LA Kmart kids toy Are you a shopaholic? Let’s buy a house Kendrick is being sued What’s The Plot! What product do you call by the brand name? Birthday Banger! Brees new segment Themed wedding Big Six60 news
Published 02/27/20
Aviation news Beauty confessions Dean McCarthy live from LA Booze wees Do you use your phone on the loo? Would we make a good St Patrick? House plants Nickname Origin! Lights on or lights off? Birthday Banger! Bin chat Burglar on the loose
Published 02/26/20
How much is your haircut? Dean McCarthy live from LA WWE is coming to NZ Wishing Well – yay or nay? Bunnings plants UNO news & Monoply deal Insta Fame Game! How did you get divorced/Did you have a party? Birthday Banger! More Lotto chat Left on read for 8years Judging you based off your drink...
Published 02/25/20