This topic understand the concept of pheromones. Pheromones are chemical substances that communicates the two individuals.
Published 06/07/20
This episode understand the topic of toxic chemicals. Study of toxic substances is known as toxicology. Toxicology are mainly classified into two groups, first is acute toxicology and second are chronic toxicology.
Published 05/23/20
Published 05/23/20
This title understand the concept of different plants and animals. Biodiversity are derived from two words bio means life and diversity means different.
Published 05/22/20
This episode is related to ecosystem. In the structure of a fresh water ecosystem include ponds , shallow stagnant water and river. The pond ecosystem may be considered as a typical fresh water ecosystem.a pond ecosystem comprises Mainly abiotic and biotic components
Published 05/19/20
Understand the following terminologies like Introduction of ecosystem, structure of a typical ecosystem, major ecosystem of the world,
Published 05/17/20
Listen the topic for understanding is develop.
Published 05/16/20
Published 05/16/20