SmartAds for Publishers
Your ads are amazing.
We'll help you prove it.
SmartAds helps you demonstrate the value of your inventory. It's easy to integrate and easy to use.
Measuring billions of downloads from top publishers, agencies, and brands
How it works
1. Publishers integrate our prefix
Publishers add our Trackable prefix to their RSS feed. We're already trusted by top publishers to track tens of millions of downloads per month, including #1-ranked podcasts. Optionally, publishers can connect a real-time impression pixel from a dynamic ad insertion provider like ART19 or AdsWizz.
2. Advertisers integrate our SDK
Advertisers perform a simple integration with our Javascript snippet on their website, or integrate our SDK into their app to track actions like visits and purchases.
3. Chartable provides attribution
SmartAds connects downloads and audio ad impressions to actions on advertiser websites using multiple signals, including IP addresses, user agents, and device graphs, alongside traditional methods like coupon codes and surveys.
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