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SmartLinks—Track your full funnel
Use SmartLinks to figure out which marketing channels drive listener growth with a shareable, trackable URL that automatically routes listeners to your podcast in their favorite apps. Learn more about SmartLinks »
SmartPromos—Podcast-to-podcast attribution
Grow your show by following the playbook that #1 shows use: buying or trading promotional spots and drop-in episodes on other podcasts. Use SmartPromos to find the most effective audio channels for growth.
Understand your audience
SmartAds—Podcast advertising attribution
Chartable SmartAds connects podcast downloads to actions on advertiser websites, so publishers and advertisers understand the effectiveness of their ads. Learn more about SmartAds »
Stay on top of your chart ranks & reviews
Track rankings and reviews from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, and Stitcher, across over 150 countries where available, with more platforms and charts coming soon.
Make sense of all your data
Connect your Apple Podcasts analytics, hosting platform (like Libsyn or Simplecast), Spotify for Podcasters, and more to track relationships between your marketing and advertising efforts.
Discover your best-performing content
Use consumption analytics from Apple Podcasts and Spotify to guide editorial decisions on future guests or topics.
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Share your analytics and insights with everyone on your team, from the marketing department, to data analysts, and ad sales.
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Podcasts have been around in some form since at least 2004, but many trends point to the beginning of a Golden Age. Spotify's recent $340 million acquisition is just one of many signals that things are changing.

I analyzed 522 recommendations from 25 different critics' best-of lists to find the best of the best podcasts of 2018. Plus: the podcasts which got the most reviews this year, and charted on the most global charts.

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