Will my seniority go up faster at Delta or American?
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Max updates on the joys of aircraft ownership  // Mailbag: Listeners suggest different suitcases for us to review, several listeners submit feedback on the Takeoff performance episode [6:00] // Flight Advice: James Onieal joins us to answer listener questions: Will I move up the seniority list faster at Delta or American / FO doesn't enjoy narrow-body flying, what do I need to know before switching to the wide-bodies / 500 Hour pilot wonders if he should stick with Delta Propel or go to a different regional [17:30] Get on James Onieal's Calendar and book your free strategy session 21Five's Youtube Channel Connect with us on LinkedIn Our sponsors: Harvey Watt, offers the only true Loss of Medical License Insurance available to individuals and small groups. Because Harvey Watt manages most airlines' plans, they can assist you in identifying the right coverage to supplement your airline’s plan. Many buy coverage to supplement the loss of retirement benefits while grounded. Visit harveywatt.com to learn more! Advanced Aircrew Academy enables flight operations to fulfill their training needs in the most efficient and affordable way—anywhere, at any time. We do this by providing high-quality professional pilot, flight attendant, flight coordinator, maintenance, and line service training modules delivered via the web using a world-class online aviation training system. Visit aircrewacademy.com to learn more! Tim Pope is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a pilot. His financial planning practice provides services to aviation professionals and aviation 401k plans. Tim helps clients pursue their financial goals by defining them, organizing & optimizing resources, planning, implementing, and monitoring their financial plan. Visit https://link.21fivepodcast.com/timothy-pope to learn more. Click Here to Schedule a Meeting Employee Compensation Software That Answers "What's the Going Rate?" The AirComp Calculator™ is business aviation’s only online compensation analysis system. It can provide precise compensation ranges for 14 business aviation positions in six aircraft classes at over 50 locations throughout the United States in seconds. VAERUS MEANS RIGHT, TRUE, AND REAL. Buy or sell an aircraft the right way, using a true partner, to make your dream of flight real. Connect with Brooks at Vaerus Jet Sales | Learn more about the DC-3 Referral Program Do you have feedback, suggestions, or a great aviation story to share? Email us [email protected] Check out our Instagram feed @21FivePodcast for more great content and to see our collection of aviation license plates. The statements made in this show are our own opinions and do not reflect, nor were they under any direction of any of our employers.
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