Taking Off the Invisible Corset of Beauty Culture
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In our journey of learning to embody self-respect, it's always important to include respecting our bodies. After centuries of propaganda from the beauty industry and other societal mechanisms, the internalized oppression against women's bodies has shifted over time, but is as virulent as ever today. Lauren Geertsen views it as a generational responsibility to end female body hate. As a body connection coach and the author of The Invisible Corset, Lauren shares what she's learned to help us find the innate intelligence of our bodies that can lead us towards wellness and joy. On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity: Why she wrote The Invisible Corset The societal manipulations that Lauren identifies as the five strings of the corset What advice she has for starting to break down some of this programming An example of a practice to explore in order to be more in partnership with your  body Lauren Geertsen is a Body Connection Coach who helps women heal their relationship with food and body image. In her previous work as a nutrition consultant, Lauren realized the underlying problem for her clients was distrust of their bodies, which results from wearing the invisible corset. Her website, empoweredsustenance.com, has supported over 40 million readers with holistic recipes and resources. Links: The Invisible Corset by Lauren Geertsen Episode 130: Trusting Your Body with Lauren Geertsen Floral Song Flower Essences Connect With Lauren Geertsen: Website YouTube Instagram Facebook -- Reach out to Brodie with your questions! Learn about working with Brodie 1-on-1
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