Momentum, Inertia, and Self-Kindness: Lessons from Winter
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Chinese Medicine teaches us that winter is a time of quiet and stillness, a time for reflecting and conserving scarce resources. As we reflect on how we navigate the world, it's also a good time to get radically honest with ourselves about what we're holding space for in our lives. With the podcast entering a new, slower period of creation, it can be helpful to examine and take a break from things that we're keeping in motion just for the sake of motion. We can look inward and honor what our body and mind are telling us - to say no to things that are unnecessary so we can leave space open for the things that are. On Today’s Solo Episode of A Healthy Curiosity: What the new era of the podcast will focus on An overview of how seasons and timing are reflected in Chinese Medicine Why breaks are so important and yin engenders yang One way to test if tiredness is truly fatigue or just stagnating energy Links: Episode 220: Q+A - 5 Elements for Personal Growth & Getting Out of the Way -- Learn more about Brodie Find out how to work with Brodie Explore the Basics of Chinese Medicine course
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