Dampness & Digestion Master Class
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Almost everyone that comes through the clinic is dealing with some combination of two things: stress and dampness. This episode is a masterclass, or at least a lengthy public service announcement, on dampness since some of the most common questions that come up are regarding what it is and how to address it. If you're dealing with tiredness, lethargy, poor digestion, brain fog, congestion, or are struggling with weight loss, understanding more about dampness can change your life. In this episode, you'll hear some guidelines for things to include in your life, but the ultimate focus should always lie on subtracting the dampening effects in the first place. On Today’s Solo Episode of A Healthy Curiosity: Some things to look for on the tongue, as well as other signs, that can indicate dampness Why dampness usually comes from dietary indiscretions How Phlegm relates to dampness What causes of dampness can occur that don’t come from food Links: The Tao of Healthy Eating by Bob Flaws Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine by Ellen Goldsmith and Maya Klein Episode 223: Moving Through Trauma with Chinese Medicine with Ellen Goldsmith -- Explore the Basics of Chinese Medicine course Learn more about the Level Up program Apply to work with Brodie
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