MagSafe Coming to Android - Android 14 Mainline features, Pixel roadmap leak, Sunday Ticket on YouTube
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Android is adding support for updatable root certificates amidst TrustCor scare. Google's Health Connect app might come preinstalled in Android 14. What is Health Connect: How Google combines fitness data from Samsung, Fitbit, and others. Android 14 'Upside Down Cake': Everything you need to know about Google's big update for 2023. LineageOS 20 based on Android 13 is here, bringing new features and a new default camera app. Upcoming Qi2 wireless charging standard will officially bring Apple's MagSafe tech to Android devices. Unprecedented leak sets the stage for next three years of Google Pixel. The rumored cancellation of the Pixel 8a and iPhone SE 4 show no one wants mid-range phones. Google Pixel 7a hands-on shows off the display upgrade you've been asking for. Intel's Unison app syncs your iPhone to any Windows 11 PC. Here's how to get it. Intel® Unison™ on the Play Store. Google Home app starts rolling out full TV controls for compatible sets. NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube estimated to cost around $300 per season. YouTube TV split-screen viewing is set to arrive in time for NFL Sunday Ticket. JR's tip of the week: Selfie apps by... Google??? Fabby: Selfie Art Camera. Fabby Look: hair color changer. Alternatives to LastPass. Pixel marketing is working! AutoZen for Android. Headunit Reloaded Emulator for Android. Read our show notes here: Hosts: Jason Howell and Ron Richards Co-Hosts: Mishaal Rahman and JR Raphael Guest: Adam Conway Subscribe to All About Android at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at
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Published 06/21/23
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