Pixel 7a Review - Android feature drop, Motorola Razr Plus, dead Assistant features, Magic Compose beta
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Connect on the go and learn new skills with new Android features. Build reading skills with a new Google Play Books feature. Google Wallet for Android now supports digital IDs. 5 new ways to add more to Google Wallet. Jason's Pixel 7a review. The Motorola Razr Plus' new cover screen is a big deal. Motorola Razr+ outer display is a game changer – here's everything it can do. Google Assistant is killing support for notes and lists integration with third-party apps. You can now set up the Google Tasks Assistant migration. New Google Weather looks to be a standalone app, integrate with Google Clock. @MishaalRahman: Instead of a standalone app you interact with, though, I think this new app could *just* be a location-based weather provider for not just the Clock app but potentially other Google apps down the road. Google starts rolling out image generation in Slides, more Duet AI for Gmail and Docs. Messages Magic Compose beta starts rolling out: RCS only, priority for Google One subs. JR's tip of the week: Raise to Answer. Struggling to find a good magnetic battery pack for Android. Unsafe volume notification feature is not good in the car. Nick's Android journey might end with an iPhone. Read our show notes here: https://bit.ly/3WT8Cui Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Huyen Tue Dao Co-Host: JR Raphael Subscribe to All About Android at https://twit.tv/shows/all-about-android. Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at https://twit.tv/clubtwit
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Published 06/21/23
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