3.9 Niklas Heddegard
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My guest today is a former elite swimmer - having held Danish and Nordic Records in the pool and representing Denmark at various European and World championships over the years; but you may know him more from a new brand of goggle that is being seen more and more on pool-side: he launched The Magic 5 with his business partner a few years ago and they are going from strength to strength - a custom bespoke moulded goggle that fits your face and your face alone. It was my pleasure to welcome to the podcast and hear his swim story: Niklas Hedegaard… Happy Swimming!!
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The final episode of Season 3 is with the Triple Crown and Original Triple Crown Swimmer, Martyn Webster. Martyn has completed numerous marathon swims over his illustrious time in the sport and is someone I am about to share a swimming holiday with in a matter of weeks... It was great to close...
Published 03/25/23
Published 03/25/23
Today’s guest is one of the nicest guys you are ever likely to come across in the world of Marathon Swimming… a former top elite swimmer who ended up taking a little time away form the sport entirely; when he returned he embarked on his marathon swimming journey - he won the famous 25km Rottnest...
Published 03/18/23