3.10 Mark Andrews
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I have been wanting to record today’s guest for quite some time… about 18 months ago I developed a shoulder issue outside of the pool which prevented me from swimming. Having never had any issues with my shoulders before in the pool and also having booked Jersey Solo and English Channel Swim attempts, I needed to fix it properly. I found a place many a Sussex-based swimmer has found solace before and he is a bit of local legend in getting broken swimmers back into the water. He is himself a swimmer and surfer and of course an Osteopath and Physiotherapist… It was terrific to welcome to the podcast Mark Andrews! Happy Swimming!
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The final episode of Season 3 is with the Triple Crown and Original Triple Crown Swimmer, Martyn Webster. Martyn has completed numerous marathon swims over his illustrious time in the sport and is someone I am about to share a swimming holiday with in a matter of weeks... It was great to close...
Published 03/25/23
Published 03/25/23
Today’s guest is one of the nicest guys you are ever likely to come across in the world of Marathon Swimming… a former top elite swimmer who ended up taking a little time away form the sport entirely; when he returned he embarked on his marathon swimming journey - he won the famous 25km Rottnest...
Published 03/18/23