S2 Ep:04 Making a Million Dollars Mean Nothing
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Today's episode is a seven minute clip of a module recently added to Money Mentality Makeover.   I have been creating content for MMM for over seven, adding to the course regularly -- making this program unlike any other.   From the foundation of healing your relationship with money to quantum attraction and wealth building principles... this program grows with people.   As I have learned, grown and elevated my own experience and relationship with my finances, I have added to this program.   It is full of information, insights, wisdom, and incredible energy.   As always, alumni get all updates + new content for life. (Enroll once, and get all updates automatically.)   So, while I was filming this new module, which is on wealth building practices, from the perspective of a self-made multi-millionaire, someone asked...   “What does a million dollars feel like?”   I love this question. So so so much.   Because it speaks to this: If you can know what something feels like, if you can see and imagine it for yourself, if you can live and act as though it is possible for you, and move toward it more and more...   You can create it.   It also speaks to this, numbers are just numbers.   And that amount of money is something we have collectively decided is... a lot and is hard to generate. Or nearly impossible. Or something that just doesn't happen for someone like... us.   In today's episode I riff on this: It's a lot of money. And it's also nothing.   And it's time we normalize woman like us making and having it.   Let's go...   You are worthy of the life you desire.   You are worthy of the money you desire.   You are worthy. Act accordingly.   Let me know what you think in the comments below.   Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/5pfpu2C_biQ   To massive abundance, endless opportunity, more money than you know what to do with.   And to creating the life you desire and deserve.   I love you!
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