Ep 116: In Bed with my Man
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Amanda and her boyfriend riff on all things love. How they met, how they fell in love and how they were able to find each other again after things ended and grow stronger together. They talked about how to take the pressure off a new relationship and the importance of getting to know each other first without an agenda or expectations. And his name finally gets reveled at the end of the episode!! Gasp!!
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Listen: God is bigger. He is bigger than any religious building. He is bigger than man’s interpretation of him. He is bigger than the person on the stage telling you to think of god in a certain — often fear based — way. I don’t have a problem with the church — I have a problem the leaders of...
Published 04/11/22
Published 04/11/22
There is nothing wrong with a New Year’s resolution, but in my life they have become unnecessary. In truth, every moment of every day is a good moment to begin again and decide who you want to be + where you want to go + what is and isn’t working for you + what you would like to change. We must...
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