JiDion on Meeting Trump, Banned from NBA, & Jason Aldean Reaction
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JiDion stopped by for some Flagrancy where he talked about getting banned from all basketball games for his sleepy WNBA stunt, getting pulled up on during his pranks, exposing child preds, & much much more. INDULGE 00:00 How to catch a DEPREDAROR 04:28 JiDion is a big scary teddy bear 07:51 Pranking Dr Umar + give JiDion his $500 10:32 WNBA prank + became POLITICAL 12:29 JiDion prank he couldn’t release 14:49 Uber prank + not revealing its a prank 17:19 Andrew got pranked 20:25 Best people to prank + Black people believe 21:47 Beefing then collaborating 22:56 Too famous to prank 24:18 Paris pranks & Rollerblade Police 27:49 How does a sweet guy terrorise people? 28:29 Childhood - bullied, insecurity & self-confidence 31:53 JiDion rawdogs, new hairline + UK girls 34:46 JiDion is a Virgin + guys create w***** 39:21 Cancel culture is over 40:56 JiDion wants to do stand-up 47:03 The Office changed comedy 53:05 Parents watch his content 54:32 Internet cliques + Judge a book by its cover 01:00:12 Beefing + Pokimane + Jake Paul 01:07:00 Rumble deal + streaming is most authentic 01:12:54 JiDion isn’t scared + which one’s the murderer? 01:16:11 Andrew moustache & “fade” 01:17:22 Turkish hairlines don’t work? 01:19:11 Establishing lore - Tyrone really is the opps 01:21:45 “Why you doing this to my wife?” 01:23:59 Knife + OnlyF*** + Mom’s a Trumper 01:29:24 Meeting Pressie Trump 01:32:30 JiDion’s wants to chill + loving the grind 01:37:38 Inspiration from other disciplines 01:39:21 Not chasing the algorithm 01:45:43 Eviction + s3x t0y5 pranks 01:48:05 “Why you filming me?” 01:52:58 JiDion’s homeboy got shot + hates hidden pranks 01:59:41 JiDion’s wildest idea - couldn’t do it 02:01:39 Speaking to Mizzy + other pranksters 02:04:03 James Charles, Colleen Ballinger, EDP - keep the same energy 02:06:21 Sound of Freedom final prank idea 02:07:47 Jason Aldean + Whites ain’t that bad 02:11:30 Hating Liberal racism + jumping to conclusions 02:16:44 Black Revolution + Segregation + Progress 02:29:15 Diversity + Supporting your own 02:42:53 JiDion loves history + fav. President 02:45:48 Banking + Conspiracies + Haitian Revolution 02:55:48 Rare race combinations + Black women get attacked 02:59:33 Black serial killers don’t really exist 03:00:46 JiDion loves anime + Black people love HI-YA 03:04:21 Barbie movie HATES men 03:06:04 Oppenheimer was AIGHT + Barbie is an event 03:14:37 Commie P***y is AMAZING 03:15:39 Older people can’t pronounce stuff 03:16:25 Black baldies + NBA Haircut prank 03:18:36 JiDion in his prime + Old White Racism 03:22:01 JiDon Adams Football Highlights 03:25:50 Covid killed college + Hersey coming onboard
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