Dave Portnoy on Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Romance, Meeting Obama’s Gay Lover & Deion Sanders Secret
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Yerrrrr Dave Portnoy came to talk some Flagrancy with the boys and discuss him buying back Barstool, handling PizzaFest hit pieces, Bobbi Althoff fallout, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 01:33 Dave is RICH 05:31 Taylor & Kelce don’t look normal… 12:15 Daniel Jones for Taylor???? 13:30 Taylor is MOTHER 17:02 Taylor deserves MORE + is this about Gronk? 18:56 Dave met Obama’s “boyfriend” + both sides are toxic 25:10 Washington Post Hit Piece about One Bite Pizza Festival 35:12 Maintaining integrity + “Off the Record” Bobbi Althoff Drake drama 45:27 Coming back to Barstool, buying a sports team, handling layoffs 56:01 Fallon Toxic Workplace Accusations 01:02:16 Russell Brand, publishing rebuttals & Louis ceded too much ground 01:05:58 Harvey Weinstein had some hits 01:07:04 How would Dave handle Logan v Dillon? 01:13:00 Dave's only joy is eating now 01:20:40 How Dave spots talent + Cam’ron & Ma$e might have joined Barstool 01:22:20 Deion Sanders is the BEST, star power + Bo Jackson was that guy 01:29:16 Pick what Akaash isn’t picking 01:30:54 The Patriots, Belichick’s legacy & Tom Brady 01:33:14 What motivates Dave Portnoy? 01:33:51 Dave used to HATE Kyrie but they’re gonna play 1 v 1 basketball now
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