Sebastian Maniscalco on Working With DeNiro, Charlie Sheens Comeback, & How The Mob Ended The Nazis
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Yerrrrrr, had to get the stand up legend Sebastian Maniscalco to come on Flagrant to tell us about his insane movie set stories, some great gambling stories based off of his new TV show, waiting tables as a struggling comic, and much much more! INDULGE ANDREW SCHULZ'S THE LIFE TOUR IS COMING TO THE US OF A Pre-Sale starts THURSDAY 12/7 10am (Local Time) Code: ANDREW ------ 00:00 The Life Tour is coming to the USAx 01:08 Sebastian sizzle 01:58 Being the biggest comedian means nothing in Hollywood 06:14 1st time Andrew saw Sebastian 08:07 Akaash seeing Sebastian decimate a room 09:55 Sebastian's start in comedy 11:44 Working as a waiter & Vince Vaughn Wild West Comedy tour 14:49 Waiting tables in LA and how Shaq's the best tipper 22:18 Sebastian actually likes the traffic in Los Angeles 33:00 Sebastian's wife loves hosting expensive parties 35:57 Sebastian asks about the moustache 37:16 Leaving people out + Andrew invites EVERYONE 42:54 Italians love to dance + Top Tier White 49:55 DeNiro is so unassuming + Pesci lived with Andrew's grandparents 52:52 Making movies = boring + bombing HARD on movie set 1:01:57 Movies can be a sacrifice + tv suits Sebastian more 1:05:12 Sebastian's wife side-eyeing Vanessa Lachey 1:07:06 Charlie Sheen is BACK 1:09:26 Pitching the best WW2 story no-one knows 1:11:30 Seb gets to be Seb on Max's new show "Bookie" 1:16:31 Gambling to stop waiting 1:18:20 Andrew really invites everyone + Chair Snobbery 1:23:17 Jiro's sushi was wack + Dov's incredible talent 1:28:14 Sebastian is organised + Andrew's expensive studio is a "hang" 1:29:25 Fraternity initiations + President Maniscalco pitched PCs at the party palace 1:31:18 Andrew was at the party school + early gigs makes you 1:32:14 Are people gonna still buy tickets? Sebastian's new tour 1:34:16 How to make a successful podcast? 1:36:53 You have to live + coming up with a new hour
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