Action Bronson On Touring With Eminem, Best Pizza In NYC, & His Infamous Tiny Desk Concert
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Yerrrr! Flagrant had to get the NYC legend ACTION BRONSON the show. He spits facts about all of his passions: making fire music, being a foodie, women, cars, Albania and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 start 02:06 Action is a true artist 05:12 Pleasure from all his passions 06:53 The way Action describes flavour + food is art 09:25 Cooking to impress women + Extreme daggering is impressive 10:35 Grandma’s cooking + Albanians in NYC 13:45 Shutting down Albania with Dua Lipa 15:04 Running with the Albanian Boys 19:39 Hernia from NBA Jam + surgery in Alaska 21:47 Not messing with Michael Jordan + Oakley is cool though 23:31 Playing the fat positions in football 25:10 Getting a 100 on GED + stealing mother’s car at 14 27:08 Car antics - girl crashes into BK, stolen, knife being pulled on Action 30:22 Action only just got his driving license 32:56 Craziest thing Action seen on subway 33:34 What is left to do? Ocean exploring + training pools 38:40 Action wants to be shredded + Muscle Head Ed 40:50 Going to a Chica Chica house + $30 for a GREAT time 48:25 Japanese attention to detail + Jiro on sight + Yakuza flying kick 53:29 Gentlemanly fighting + never been KOed 55:22 Growing up on NYC Hip Hop + trying to make your boys laugh 57:20 People discovering Action’s music + Rap sucks now 1:00:10 Tiny Desk was a breath of fresh air + rap live is trash 1:06:51 Unorthodox shows + Action’s mythology + unorthodox giveaways 1:12:50 DMX’s real impact 1:17:04 Loving mixed martial arts 1:18:51 Building businesses + atrocious Uncut Gems auditions + Scorsese + Bono loved up Action 1:26:09 Learning to deal with insecurity + shame 1:30:06 Dream features for Action = Drake + Duo Lipa 1:31:38 Adam Silver knows how to DAP + flipping people off of passion 1:37:30 Vice - carte blanche + downfall + “F that’s delicious”’s impact + Bourdain’s legacy 1:43:34 Action tagging + graffiti culture 1:45:29 Hunts Point + HBO + public access + Black Israelites heat 1:53:41 Touring with Eminem, K. Dot + J. Cole 1:56:13 Chocolate Chip Cookies + milk’s essential role + picking the right restaurant 2:02:25 Ingredients should dictate the menu 2:06:30 We eating cookies + rating them 2:13:15 Best Pizza + best spots in New York 2:14:40 Thai food is insane + experiment with food
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