DJ Akademiks on Kanye’s Comeback, Diddy vs 50 Cent Exposed, & Adam 22 Wife Sharing Reaction
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yerrr, got Akademiks on for a EXTRA LONG one (pause) to discuss his conversatin with Saucy Santana, his opinions on Kanye, what's going on with Adam22, and he breaks down the Diddy vs 50 Cent situation. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:58 Ak is Hip-Hop TMZ + Grandwizzy is WHITE 07:06 Real Saucy Santana tears + can’t fight the 94ys 21:56 Andrew might smash out Saucy 25:08 Is it over for Diddy? 34:32 We need a little racism + Trump got that rizz 36:54 Why Kyrie is so good at basketball 38:22 Do we believe Diddy? Andrew is illuminati 49:04 Diddy wanted to party party with Akademiks 50:57 Blueface is a media genius, how to monetize your content properly 57:28 Zeus is for scammers + Kardashians was more corrosive 1:01:17 Is Adam22 is a genius or into weird stuff? 1:16:09 Akademiks v Adam22 beef + business minded to the extreme 1:22:40 Let’s cry together + Ak would be best mental patient 1:26:21 Free Jonathan Majors + I'VE DATED WHITE 1:30:20 Ak ain’t no bocat + Mount Rushmore of what exactly? 1:34:33 Ice Spice is the greatest performer ever 1:38:21 Akademiks got the BIG meat + smut on his name 1:39:16 “Cite your sources” + we don’t beef with anyone 1:43:14 Charlamagne is the greatest ever v Wendy Williams 2:07:40 DJ Akademiks is nice + people chose you 2:20:43 Ak reflecting on his success + Imposter syndrome 2:25:18 Roots Live Podcast :( + creating compelling show 2:31:01 Hip-hop going through what Rock music went through 2:39:29 US Spotify Stream numbers don’t reflect success + global impact 2:48:34 Spotify strategy + streams are manipulative 2:55:17 Reflecting on Tory Lanez take 2:57:12 Ak's big gambling problem 3:05:49 Navigating livestreaming + future of Spotify-like deals 3:18:02 Joe Rogan could move audiences 3:20:06 Andrew is UP on crypto + Akaash was right 3:21:10 How much did Diddy pay Cassie? 3:25:07 Gunna’s comeback mask his “snitching” 3:26:28 Kanye will always have a place in music 3:31:14 YoungBoy v Durk = real but extremely beneficial 3:34:18 Charleston White is one of the funniest ever 3:40:26 Mysonne tried to intimidate Ak 3:44:06 Matt Rife - art outshines everything + Impact of Russell Peters 3:49:24 All men are UGLY except Big AK 3:58:43 Akademiks rates women + NO 10s 4:01:10 Beyonce = 8, Rubi Rose = 8.5 4:05:17 Akademiks curls his eyelashes + Flagrant = sus 4:08:54 50 Cent ain’t scared of nobody
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