Trump Banned from Election, Epstein Client List To Be Revealed, & Gypsy Rose is FREE
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Yerrrrr, first one of 2024 and WE BACK BABY - had to discuss some of things that popped up while we were on break like Kanye's new apology, Louis Vuitton selling extra leg, Simone Bile's husband being the REAL prize, Andrew's newfound Christianity, & much much more. INDULGE and HAPPY NEW YEAR 00:00 Christianity really is the best 12:28 Christian Bangers + Christ will make you taller 22:21 Christianity copied Hinduism 27:11 Black people made Christ swaggy 28:01 Internet lets you enjoy Black people without… 31:30 We’re proud children haters here 33:43 Black people make everything fun 37:35 Gypsy Rose is FREE 41:37 Whites loves their dogs + Yo Ho fail 46:26 Gypsy Rose Fan Account coming soon? 47:35 Welcome to the podcast, Mark 51:02 Where’s the Epstein list? 51:18 Ye’s wife fat knockers are FREE + new apology 54:12 Twins - one nun, the other? 57:01 Mickey Mouse is FREE 59:40 Simone Biles’ husband is the prize 1:10:56 Louis Vuitton’s new prosthetic boots 1:13:14 WHERE’S THE LIST? 1:15:09 We need RFK on the pod 1:16:24 Keith Lee’s food list rankings 1:18:47 Free Ja Morant + NFL predictions 1:21:32 D Bookers perfect for Padel + Kobe revolutionizing shoes 1:26:27 Getting into sneaker market is impossible 1:34:31 Tucker coming for Shapiro’s audience? 1:48:41 MrBeast rejecting X + Cyber Truck “ad” 1:52:08 Tasha K getting sued AGAIN + T.D. Jakes BS rumors 1:56:08 Hot Indian Insta 1:58:45 Maine & Colorado trying to ban Trump + Who beats the Don? 2:12:32 Kamala is a flop + Ron DeSantis is a husk 2:16:30 Saltburn - Whites loves mud more than Indians
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