Epstein List Gets Roasted, Katt Williams Breaks Internet, & Jo Koy vs Golden Globes
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yerrrrr we're back baaaby, Schulz had to get his opinions out about the Epstein list, along with discussing Jewish Tunnels, Katt Williams, McGregor and much much more. INDULGE 02:52 Midget rumours + Hawking is a victim 07:39 President approved Epstein parties? 11:35 White Liberals gonna ruin it for Palestine, ceasefire nowwwww 15:07 Alexx bumped his friend… with a car 16:53 Who was on the list? + Mark is SUS 23:15 Jewish Tunnels in Brooklyn 29:03 Everyone’s favorite college football prospect: KN**GA 33:11 Katt Williams = GOAT + ALL FACTS + Epstein distraction 38:32 Katt taking Kevin Hart’s ex on tour 41:16 Jimmy Kimmel hypocrisy? 44:26 Will people sue Katt? Will trash talking trend in comedy? 54:33 Jo Koy’s performance + R. Gervais’ tactics 1:08:28 Using writers as a scapegoat + Taylor Swift jokes? 1:13:15 Is McGregor coming back? 1:16:11 Bull-riding fun + EZ for Alexx 1:24:33 Merchandise never makes it to Andrew 1:26:02 Alaska Air plane + Rather crash than land in Portland 1:30:05 New Drug Test AYO + FYPs + being Fish boys 1:34:30 “Let a Naysayer know” + McAfee ESPN callout 1:41:55 Coffeezilla Logan Paul breakdown + wasting scammers’ time 1:53:15 Andrew’s bet + Pee kink conundrum + Saving ur sisters? 2:07:22 Michigan Mom Mouth Muncher 2:13:12 What makes a Black movie?
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