Lil Nas X Trolling Jesus, Trump Picks VP & Partying with 50 Cent
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YERRRRR had to drop an ep on our new posting day (Wednesday) for y'all, we were supposed to have a guest on but they seem to be working on a new job role?? Anways, Schulz reflects on meeting 50 Cent & Travis Scott while selling out shows in Boston. Akaash wants to change his NFL loyalty and Schulz hates it. And then Akaash and Schulz discuss their love of books, or so we think. INDULGE 00:00 Vivek was meant to be here 02:05 Remember Ben Carson? Conjoined twin separation is EZ 11:47 Can you remember what you read in 2007? 15:41 We all love Tolstoy here 17:17 Lil Nas X proves Christianity is the truth 22:06 Lil Nas X knows what he’s doing 22:45 The real reason why Dubai was built 32:54 Andrew met 50 Cent + Elite political acumen 43:05 Boston is incredible for comedy 44:23 Travis Scott has the best rap show 57:58 Football is war games + Mahomes is that guy 59:53 Akaash wants to be a bandwagon fan 1:01:25 New Yorkers can only support the Knicks 1:10:40 Stay true to your 1st sports love or bandwagon? 1:20:54 Jerry Jones is blocking Cowboys success 1:21:28 What would Schulz do for a Knicks Championship? 1:26:00 Singhs locks was right 1:27:40 Roasted by Black Jack dealer 1:30:54 Tailor-made harassment 1:34:54 We care about Ariana Grande’s riding + Vala = sus 1:40:27 Chris Cuomo “revenge" text 1:48:20 Brain surgery is ez + awful pitch for film
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