Vivek Ramaswamy on Becoming Trump's VP & Who REALLY Controls America
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YERRRR, Vivek Ramaswamy FINALLY came through to give his opinions on Flagrant after pulling out of the 2024 Election. Vivek sat down with us to help break down what the DEEP STATE is, why everyone doesn't like Nikki Haley, how much of his own money he used on his campaign, AND if he is Trump's next VICE PRESIDENT. INDULGE 00:00 Vivek is gonna be our new VP? 01:03 Trump took shots against Vivek + Deep state exposed 04:09 Vivek was a stand-up comic??? 08:00 Voters struggling with Vivek’s Hinduism 20:08 The Black Church challenge 21:17 Why does everyone hate Nikki Haley? 24:41 Understanding the Deep State 34:58 People wanted Bernie v Trump but the system stole it 36:00 Vivek relied on anti-wokeness too much? 40:57 American Revolution was revolution of thought 46:02 Burning Man analogy + radical self-reliance 52:01 Dismantling bureaucracy + shutdown FBI 1:03:16 Do we need a managerial class? 1:10:05 Dept. of Education outstayed its purpose 1:22:14 Most MAGA wearers aren’t dumb? 1:24:42 Vivek couldn’t win people’s trust + lack of familiarity 1:33:49 Why not run as an independent? 1:38:45 How do you run for President? Innate hunger for purpose 1:43:43 Vivek spent $30m + Vivek’s wife STEPPED up 1:49:40 Assessing Cov1d policies + Trust reciprocity 1:57:11 Lack of US pride & reinstating it 2:03:04 Mega-donors expect allegiances 2:05:11 Democrats’ brand is tarnished right now 2:05:56 How do politicians become millionaires? 2:11:52 Who plots America’s future? Nation of sheep 2:16:39 If change doesn’t happen - march to mediocrity 2:19:31 Life’s many phases + service to others
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