Lil Dicky On Kanye West Jew Comments, Theo Von Joke Controversy, & Meeting Drake
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Yerrrr, we got Dave "Lil Dicky" Burd on Flagrant to discuss his most recent album, how much he's spending on his music videos and what it's like to work with Brad Pitt on his latest season of Dave. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:39 Ice Hockey jerseys are fire 02:05 NY experiences + Amalfi is one-dimensional 07:07 “HAHAHA” music video cost a $ milly 10:46 Creative control is paramount 13:58 Is Dave coming back? 16:21 Brad Pitt is just a dream 31:33 Dave is Brady or Kobe?? 37:29 Hardest lesson from creating Dave 47:35 Dave has great taste 53:07 Dave is writing a movie 57:43 How Lil Dicky got started in rap + rival to Lonely Island 1:06:35 Andrew’s “notes” + other rap names 1:09:13 How rappers freestyle + Lil Dicky's Sway performances 1:12:00 Freezing during Emmy’s performance 1:16:17 Stand-up comedy + special in the works? 1:19:27 Concert performances going wrong 1:21:22 Dealing with criticism + supreme confidence 1:27:06 Theo Von joke controversy 1:32:44 Regretting previous wild lines 1:34:31 Meeting Drake while high 1:35:36 Sending DJ Khaled the worst text for “Freaky Friday” 1:39:25 Sus Shower scene + show us your D! 1:45:34 Dave’s pee pee issues 1:49:49 Girlfriend accepting + one girl noticing 1:52:14 Oozing + straightening + no-hands??? 1:55:55 3 best Wet Dreams ever + Plan B trust 2:02:51 Kanye can hoop + Ye isn’t antisemitic but a contrarian? 2:06:36 Drake v Kanye - both inspirational 2:08:20 How to approach mega celebs?
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