Schulz Is A DAD, Taylor Swift Wins Super Bowl, & Putin Tucker Interview Reaction
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Whats good family, Schulzy explains what its like becoming a papa, why Taylor Swift is being targeting by everyone, the Super Bowl conspiracies, and Putins interview with Tucker. INDULGE! 00:00 SCHULZY HAD A BABY! 38:30 Andrew can breathe now - stress-free 42:07 Andrew can’t relax + paternity leave is a scam 47:11 Push present for doing what you should be doing 48:40 Super Bowl - Mahomes is truly the goat 58:42 Taylor Swift didn’t get her ring + unwarranted hate 1:03:05 Usher = incredible + racism is real 1:10:58 Whites are winning + Usher v Diddy 1:14:41 Biden leaning in + Vying for Taylor 1:20:18 Putin = controlled desperation? USAid & how politicians make money? 1:36:46 Migration issues in NY? Border politics 1:50:05 Managerial class + US letting in too much info? Macro v micro issues 2:06:44 Mark no longer scared of bears 2:09:00 Rogan getting that Spotify bag + audiobooks too 2:22:23 Mark rocked by reincarnation 2:25:17 Shane Gillis’ Biblical return + lost everything & gained it all back + more
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