Billionaire Who Ages Backwards & Lets AI Control His Life | Bryan Johnson
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yerrrr Bryan Johnson came through to Flagrant to explain how he is letting an AI Algorithm control his every decision, what he's doing to reverse his age, why he's doing all of this and ultimately why 'dont' die' is what humanity NEEDS to focus on. INDULGE! 00:00 Intro 00:44 Death might be a maybe + AI might unlock everything 08:52 What can the average person do? 13:28 Aiming for “Don’t die” + Super Intelligence 18:42 Biographies being a real look into the past 21:02 How one night in Brooklyn changed it all 24:29 Where to go next, out of sync + mapping the brain 35:45 Difficulties in reversing aging + posture brings huge benefits 40:23 Man created god + “don’t die” is ultimate co-operation 49:15 What does 10-20 years look like? Let’s play a game 57:30 Paradigm shifts, zeroth thinking + AI to benefit us 1:10:48 By not dying, we recreate god 1:13:31 Seizing power from the mind 1:17:49 Having a cheat day + Bryan’s never been happier 1:22:29 Why wouldn’t you want the best? Resist first then enforce completely 1:33:32 Changing society’s incentive structure + How close are we to the end? 1:40:41 How do we align with AI’s own interests? 1:47:12 This is about AI + experiment in singularity 1:55:37 Pushback + reversing the decay 2:04:30 Electrocuting your penis + benefits 2:10:20 Sleep being everything + real, tangible benefits 2:15:55 Importance of friendship 2:19:55 Principles for good sleep + filtering yourself 2:29:08 Ozempic is an algorithm + olive oil is the truth 2:32:53 AI is designing our drugs + we can engineer all reality 2:37:42 Gene therapy for the gains + it’s here now 2:45:32 Concern about food safety + bringing food on travels 2:51:06 Relationships are tough + flexibility 2:55:09 We’re truly close to a revolution
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