Tim Dillon on Shane Gillis’ SNL, Putin & Tucker Interview, and How Baby Boomers Ruined the World
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Yerrr, Tim Dillon came through to break down what's up with Russia and Putin, tell us about George Soros, explain what's wrong with each generation, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 2:55 How do we make the 1% more appealing? 06:44 Tim’s mentally ill friendship group + Jan 6 was for fun 10:11 AOC, Biden’s hubris + Dem’s problem with Israel-Gaza 14:16 Michelle Obama for President + Obama is bi? 17:27 Tim’s kill list is incoming 20:31 Russia, Navalny conspiracies + Putin’s interview with Tucker 29:56 Dillon’s wealth, legacy families + diversifying your money 35:30 Katie Porter masquerade + everyone’s a hero 45:22 Self-immolation is great promo + solving Israel-Palestine 56:03 US is great at some things + everything up for sale 1:01:31 US is still t**s out 1:16:57 George Soros rival to Koch Brothers? 1:24:38 Big money owning all resources + BlackRock’s influence 1:31:00 Tim loves being on his island + war is great for Tim 1:37:36 Tim’s book “Death by Boomers” + from Greatest to Ghoulish 1:48:23 Woodstock Generation is the big lie 1:50:33 Millennials crave praise + Zoomers’ nihilism 2:03:29 Tim’s constantly on tour BUY TICKETS 2:04:33 Tim’s would vote for RFK Jr 2:07:58 Shane did a great job + SNL pressure 2:11:20 Tim would have Putin on + we’re the biggest victims
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