CIA Spy on Trump, China’s Takeover, & Israel-Palestine
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YERRRR we had the CIA's former (or not so former) Andrew Bustamante come through and tell us all about what it's like to work for 'The Agency', the tips and tricks he was taught to be help harness his trauma, how Trump changed the CIA and much much more. INDULGE Learn your spy superpower: 00:00 Intro 02:16 What is the CIA? 04:48 9/11 redefined CIA 08:10 CIA is the DMV 11:44 Trump challenging CIA + use of private intelligence 22:01 Cold War didn’t have an imminent threat 25:39 Corporations lobbying CIA + Who got the presidents? 30:01 Recruiting the right amount of crazy 32:05 Dating another CIA operative 33:59 Easiest race to trick? Americans??? 36:32 Training at the Farm + free cup of coffee 43:37 Not feeling guilt + getting through the application process 52:18 Does CIA have my best interests? What motivates you? 58:26 Service over self + justifiable mission creating validation 1:03:01 Bustamante has trouble with whistleblowers 1:05:12 Wanting to leave the US 1:14:10 Bustamante still repping CIA? + huge recruitment crisis 1:22:10 Military Industrial Complex is essential + China replicating it 1:27:31 Proxy wars provide battle experience + China too 1:33:53 Moving to Europe + worrying about hot war 1:36:37 China infiltration + exploiting motivations + sexpionage 1:43:18 UAE trying to flip Bustamante + Mossad’s tactics 1:48:38 US tactics in flipping + secrets are commodities 1:57:15 Corporate espionage is too risky 2:02:41 Trusting nobody + Cuba’s intelligence is immense 2:06:38 Russian infiltration + Cold War implosion 2:10:04 Space Race, Black Budget + now CIA’s risk averse 2:15:59 Marshall Plan pushing ideology + supporting 2:20:16 Israel-Palestine policy has backfired 2:24:17 Ukraine + Israel will end up at similar points 2:26:36 China might have a green light + outsource the bad stuff 2:29:22 Race relations + Chinatown is a sleep cell??? 2:31:33 US doesn’t have a 50 year policy + China’s legal takeover 2:39:00 Not CIA now + his business model to teach CIA principles 2:48:36 Wanting to restructure CIA + Attention span is so short 2:53:30 The heroes of CIA are still there 2:57:03 General Petraeus losing his legacies 2:59:57 CIA recruitment + regrets & dealing with trauma 3:04:19 Using learnt skills on his children 3:08:10 CIA might be listening… 3:09:44 UFOs are real but they’re not aliens 3:11:59 India is a sneaky, sneaky superpower 3:15:01 Exploiting economic disparity here 3:16:52 Clandestine acts, MK Ultra + remote viewing nonsense
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