Lil Duval Reveals How He Survived Death
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Yerrrr we had to have the living legend Lil Duval to come through and talk about his near death experience and how that shaped his perspective, his unique philosophy on life, what he thinks Ai is going to do the world, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Start 00:39 Duval’s wild white man mask 04:16 Legos really helped Duval recover 07:41 Duval truly has it figured out + being secretly influential 12:15 Not seeking validation from others + Duval’s genius zone 16:41 Duval’s near fatal accident + losing the closest to you 24:15 Rest in Peace Clay Evans 25:21 Duval’s recovery + determined to get back up 31:09 Surprised by the love received + Duval was a baby momma 33:42 No animosity or resentment - “she was supposed to hit me” 35:05 Duval is related to Harriet Tubman + embodying Rich Broke 37:52 Duval believes in reincarnation + Christianity = middle ground between Hinduism & Islam 39:57 Surrounding yourself with the right people 41:30 Nothing to really get angry about + Duval’s first accident 43:30 Closest Duval directly felt God + Rest in Peace CoolAide 51:00 It’s a choice to die + no fear of death and Duval’s been tested 1:01:20 Anxiety performing + Finding understanding will make you happier 1:04:12 Duval always felt like a star + throwing D young 1:10:59 Showing not telling + not criticising your own 1:20:22 Duval will be podcasting + people consuming through boredom 1:23:21 Understanding Hollywood was over + everyone followed Duval’s lead 1:30:49 Duval wants to explore space + oceans are insane 1:32:51 AI going to make us Superhumans 1:34:26 No need for Ayahuasca + Shrooms confirmed Duval’s mentality 1:37:25 Times when people trying to silence Duval 1:41:27 What y’all fake caring about today? 1:43:20 US is finally finding its place + Duval is truly Florida Man 1:46:30 Ghosts, Aliens & humans are really dumb 1:47:56 Special moments as a father 1:50:50 Living with no regrets + living his purpose now
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