JJ Redick on Lebron James Podcast, Rapping in College, & Untold Kobe Bryant Stories
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YERRR NBA veteran and analyst JJ REDICK had to come through and discuss his new podcast with LeBron James, who were the best players he played against at all levels, how NBA analysis is changing, Coach K and what's going on with college basketball and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:48 Hezzy beating Jay Williams + Andrew can take JJ? 04:02 Caitlin Clark would destroy Andrew + we have to stop racism 05:24 JJ recorded raps in college + always been woke 07:20 Duke represents elitism, the hate JJ received + writing raps 10:43 Reading JJ’s lyrics 13:29 College basketball has changed 18:18 Funniest heckle JJ laughed at + rising to the occasion 25:04 Friction when he first got to NBA + hazing 31:05 Getting hot + getting into flow state + Steph Curry 33:46 Athleticism, brakes are important + Doncic is king 41:39 “Plumbers and firemen” + smear campaign against MJ 44:20 Larry Bird isn’t top 5 3-pointers + defies a definition 46:08 JJ was a catch-n-shoot + JJ cross-upped LeBron & Steph 49:40 Steph killed the White Boy Shooters + being slow is new fast 50:24 Luka’s rizz + Flagrant breaking barriers + CPT v IST 57:05 Establishing yourself in the NBA + “shorter and harder” 1:03:13 Journey to the Clippers + wanting to be Ray Allen 1:07:03 “Rivalry” with Jamal Crawford + being built for roles 1:09:09 Having good “touch” + compensating for injuries 1:13:08 Players’ incredible recall + can’t turn off his brain 1:19:10 Calling games are TOUGH + learning to “layout” 1:23:00 How would YOU pronounce this player's name?? 1:23:38 Players getting mad + KG “threatening” JJ 1:25:50 NBA Finals v the Lakers + getting to guard Kobe 1:27:40 Greatest players JJ played against + Kobe was always learning 1:30:52 Extreme work ethic, “Mind the Game” is incredible + selfish pursuit 1:38:32 JJ is changing basketball analysis 1:41:07 How NBA players go broke + Watch dealing 1:46:10 Paranoia that it could all go away 1:50:36 Coach K = exceptional leader + “you weren’t worthy to be a champion” 1:57:43 NBA should allow a couple blow-ups per year 2:00:30 Who’s a great leader on the court? 2:03:11 Jimmy Butler’s strengths + blow-up with Doc Rivers 2:04:43 Will JJ coach at some point? Retiring is like a death 2:06:48 Retirement life + JJ would love to coach Luka 2:10:34 Starting the podcast with LeBron + we need some sugar 2:15:22 Baiting LeBron into GOAT talk
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