Real Reason Candace Owens Left Shapiro, Drake Vs Kendrick Diss, & Trans Visibility Day Explained
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Yerrr, the boys had to get together and explain what the heck is going on with Candace Owens & Ben Shapiro, discuss the Drake and Kendrick beef, get the skinny on Trans Visibility Day and Easter overlapping, Sam Bankman-Fried, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Trans Visibility Day is better than Easter?? 07:08 Outrage for engagement + Is Daily Wire for the US or Israel? 18:00 Candace is a superstar, was she outshining Shapiro? 24:01 Every country should be criticized + Shapiro compromised his platform 27:54 Criticism of Israel isn’t automatically Antisemitism + What is real Conservatism? 35:24 Christ is King + shoutout Hashem, Vishnu etc + We didn’t know women until Matt Walsh 39:27 Recap of the LA show + Diddy was blocking Andrew’s clip? 50:29 Adjusting for arenas, intense hugging session & The Forum 57:00 Drake’s show, K. Dot has diss songs ready + Are they in it together? 1:05:26 Metro, Future, Ross + LeBron picking sides? Pool of Wh***s shared around 1:15:14 We met a witch in LA 1:17:36 We’re trying to interview Barbecue + YourFellowArab getting kidnapped 1:21:37 Jon Stewart hit piece, Trump did what every developer does + we protecting banks now? 1:39:16 Christ is King, We’re all Muslims + Jews have toughest bouncers 1:41:53 Free Sam Bankman-Fried, what’s Logan’s sentence for CryptoZoo? Fried Chicken Prime is racist? 1:47:40 Conjoined twins got married + they’re the safest women drivers 1:54:02 TV review - “3 Body Problem”, “The Gentleman” + “Seinfeld” 1:58:26 Mark’s apartment hunt + NY has changed + Globalists, Meatballs, Chimichangas & Nukes 2:05:09 In conclusion - Christ is King, We love Globalists… 2:06:17 Crow taking down Israeli flag + MILES HAS RISEN
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