Trump Assassination Conspiracy, Israel vs Iran start World War 3, & Drake Wins Rap Beef
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YERR, we got a HOT conspiracy up top for y'all, we solve the abortion problem, we marinated the rap beef and react to the insane knock out in UFC300. That and much much more this week's ep of Flagrancy, INDULGE 00:00 Boeing conspiracy to take out Trump??? 02:01 Arizona evoking 1864 abortion law, “sleep on it” + Gun Republicans 10:19 GOP split on abortion + Scooping feels like murder 15:15 What’s full murder? 2 chops? 70 days is a bit snug 27:56 Gaslighting Christians 32:48 Trump Criminal Trial, there is no hope + we’re voting for him 38:29 Nobody can understand everything + picking sides is just easier 40:46 Voting for both + Being skeptical isn’t cheap 44:37 Rap beef is to save us! Ignorance was bliss + we need a break 46:56 Researching is hard, power of Adderrall + we need distraction! 53:34 Rick Ross is elite at beefing + sharing the same women 59:16 Drake dissed EVERYBODY + everyone missed the “Whitney” bar 1:04:57 Everyone thinks its AI + What counts as ghost-writing? 1:10:36 How to get featured? Alexx missed out 1:13:02 Do Rappers have disses ready to go? 1:17:22 Drake in these streets? Feels personal + The Weeknd rumours 1:24:11 Iran firing on Israel, Netanyahu given a lifeline + intel for hot war 1:37:29 War is a money game + will Israel retaliate? 1:43:48 Give us silly topics to talk about, not World War 3 1:44:40 UFC 300 - Holloway is a BEAST + Poatan picking intelligently 1:54:58 Curating a culture, expectation from the fans + entertainment is king 1:57:19 Ryan Garcia is carrying the Devin fight? 1:59:40 Chandler v McGregor announcement 2:00:21 Dinner next to Larry David?
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