Billy Carson Reveals Alien Encounter & Lost Civilization Secrets
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YERRR, we had on the KING of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE Billy Carson to tell us about everything we don't know: truth about aliens, who built the pyramids, where the ancient civilizations went and much much more. Sit back and indulge. 00:00 Intro 1:02 Who are the Anunnaki? Galactic war & Space refugees 6:04 Atlantis, Catholics destroyed everything + Hills = pyramids 12:28 Hominids existed, Igigi slaves + exploitation 17:10 Jesus = part Alien, Thoth’s advanced tech & similarities across all cultures 23:09 Jesus went to Tibet & India? 26:21 Oldest Bibles = African, mistranslations & Deuteronomy is WILD 35:24 Who were the Sumerians? Genetic modifications + race differences 40:57 Why do Gods want big meats? Asians ARE different 43:40 The Garden of Edin was a mating lab + creation of Adam 49:08 Jesus was good, Pyramid Wars + Rothschilds running the banks 1:01:07 Creation of the Great Pyramids + Billy having great recall 1:12:11 Pyramids were power stations + manifesting/teleporting structures 1:15:19 Angkor Wat= Mega structures, Dinosaurs + Indoor pools 1:30:11 Rejecting Flat Earth, purpose of Pyramids + communicating to other star systems 1:37:35 Ark of the Covenant, Moses stole one + Chinese pyramids 1:45:12 Derinkuyu = underground city + Ant people 1:47:53 Never fully knowing + the origins of curiosity for Billy 1:51:40 Bob Lazar, UFOs abductions + losing family over alien experience 1:58:47 “Worldwide telescope” + craziest image from Mars 2:03:29 Researching to debunk your theories + mankind needs to grow up still 2:09:17 100 families control everything, power of true unity + impact of the experience 2:13:23 “Lam”, movie directors know + we’re in the beginning of times 2:15:28 “Christ consciousness” will return 2:16:34 Past life regressions, using substances + downloading consciousness 2:19:45 Seeding the clouds + UFO false flag for greed 2:23:16 We went to the Moon but there’s more… 2:28:50 Secrets of the oceans, Antarctica was moved + remote viewing
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