Kendrick Fires Back & Schulz is Roasting Tom Brady
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Yerrrr! Schulz is getting ready not only for MSG but also to roast Tom Brady LIVE on Netflix. Kendrick FIRES back at Drake but is it enough? Lebron punks a white lady in his last ever game?? All that and much much more on today's dose of Flagrancy. INDULGE 00:00 LeBron goes out on top, what would MJ do? + Euro flopping 9:49 Joel Embiid is so frustrating to watch 11:41 Alexx = Fair Weather fan + Will Andrew get bumped? 14:36 NYC’s different when Knicks are good + Cheeseballs Man 20:42 Andrew roasting Tom Brady live on Netflix + Kevin Hart hosting 24:16 Andrew has a Tom Brady set + Netflix is a Joke for Akaash + Mark too 29:09 Kendrick’s “Euphoria”, prisoner of the moment + radio play 40:28 Is rap beef just WWE? Who’s they??? 41:57 Uber driver in Jacksonville was WILD + Can Latinos say the n-words? 50:44 Michael Chandler is a monster + Canal Street Africans are BRAVE 55:27 Most racist Uber driver was… Nigerian? You made us actually work 56:57 They’re blaming the Jews for EVERYTHING + Germans are Asians 1:07:43 Indian rocketry + English Indians are the G-League 1:13:11 AI drones is terrifying, Ukraine needs to convert to Islam + Africa v China 1:22:10 Flipping North Korea, moving the Taiwanese + Justice for Kazakhstan 1:25:48 Starting a cult today + hypnosis is cucky 1:37:00 Internet tells you how to grift, same talking points + audience dictates the content 1:47:44 Is Russell Brand Christian grifting? The market of free ideas is already rigged 1:53:53 Dealing with people caught up + Free Speech is the best of flawed system 1:58:39 Joe Rogan’s rejection of authority, pendulum swings + Overton window shifting 2:04:12 We truly thought we knew + understanding China’s paranoia 2:07:41 AI Competition + Flagrant song is the winner!
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