DJ Akademiks: Drake Lost, here’s why & Brady Roast Untold Stories
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YERRRR Schulz recaps his crazy weekend with back-to-back sold out MSG shows, the real behind-the-scenes of the Tom Brady roast, & then BIG AK comes on to breakdown the RAP BEEF 00:00 Intro 00:32 Roasting Tom Brady + Gronk is PHENOMENAL 3:26 Kevin Hart is a beast + Andrew’s performance 5:30 Nikki & Tony were the best + the players taking it seriously 7:40 Did J Lo break Ben Affleck? 8:40 Kim K isn’t really present at all 11:35 Tom Brady really checked Jeff Ross for “Happy Ending” 15:01 Best roast joke against Andrew Schulz 19:00 Woke comedy is officially dead 22:00 What’s Tom Brady like + Drew Bledsoe is a G 24:15 Dana White running jokes by Andrew + Edelman crushed it 25:53 Andrew selling out MSG TWICE + 50 Cent/G-Unit turning up 27:30 Mark’s never been Whiter + studying 50 Cent music 31:00 50 Cent really is that guy + delivering a great show 35:00 Trying not to cry + soaking in MSG 37:27 So many things had to align for 2nd show to happen 42:53 Mark and Deric killed it too + shoutout the team 43:54 Akademiks joins the show + MSG reflection 46:40 Drake gave Ak the heads-up + Push Ups leaked on Ak’s Reddit 50:45 Drake mentioning Ak + didn’t think Kendrick would drop 54:17 Ak’s streams is central to everything, Kat William’s fault 56:30 Kendrick only dropped when Ak was live + streaming numbers 1:04:26 How does Ak maintain credibility? 1:06:50 Drake grooming allegations will change everything 1:11:40 Montages can look crazy + Shane Gillis predicted this 1:15:29 Drake has to stay current + lifestyle working against Drake in this battle 1:23:00 Drake v Kendrick popularity 1:37:20 Both sides are lying + can’t play with people’s family 1:43:00 Kendrick versatility is insane + where did this start? 1:46:17 Racial component, no-one’s changing their opinions + playing Chess against a master 1:54:16 Did Drake feed the daughter information? 1:56:40 Everyone’s smashing the same girls + Future v Drake beef 1:59:41 Rick Ross is truly funny 2:00:57 Drake’s next move + no-one’s speaking up for Drake 2:07:15 Drake isn’t untouchable + industry “friends” 2:11:20 Why is the Industry so against Drake? 2:14:25 Rumours of using view bots & likes etc 2:16:25 If “Meet the Grahams” were true = would be the greatest KO
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