Shannon Sharpe vs Shaq Heated Beef, Vitaly Pedo Hunting, & Seinfeld Commencement Walk Out
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YERRRR, the guys broke down the Shannon Sharpe & Shaq beef; Schulz explains why BBL Drizzy is ultimate winner in all of this fighting; what's going on with Vitaly's vigilante streams; why Seinfeld might be right; and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 You should never bet against Metro 4:25 Metro Gr**min getting James Gunned 9:22 Vitaly catch and releasing all the predators 14:40 Issues with tipping off these wrong’uns 18:34 Streamers are catching the same people + offences committed against them 23:19 Drake should lean into BBL Drizzy + exposing his “tactics” 29:40 Drake ties to Hip-Hop hubs, Who is the real Drake & what is actually true? 36:43 Drake wanting to dominate EVERYONE + small meat filter? 44:54 Was Drake fed fake information instead? 47:14 Shaq v Shannon BEEF, Jokic fatigue + Shaq shouting out Andrew 52:35 Katt changed everything + beefing is the new wave 54:06 Andrew wrong about Seinfeld? People grifting + Seinfeld speech was great 1:03:54 Dov reading out Seinfeld’s speech = LIVE LAUGH LOVE 1:07:11 What is “Not Like Us” REALLY about? 1:10:56 Acne masks the new clock boy? Was Drake wearing an acne mask too? 1:16:09 How long until we stop caring about Blackface? 1:19:27 Kirstie Alley WILD retelling of parents’ car accident 1:22:38 R Kelly’s greatest interview hits + Would you like to come back with Rob to America? 1:27:08 Alexx has Drink Sucking Lips 1:29:13 “MJ” proud of another “MJ” 1:31:06 Happy Mothers’ Day + Post Malone “drugged” Dov’s mom 1:33:17 Raising Cane’s sent Andrew’s mom to hospital
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