Dana White on McGregor’s Future, Defeating $40-Million Debt, & How he BEATS the Casino
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YERRR we got UFC's own Dana White in the building to break it all down for us: how the UFC came to be, his biggest gambling wins and losses, who the greatest EVER is, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:58 Whitey Bulger was after Dana? 3:16 Pure focus on work, fug your wedding + bumping into Fertittas 5:57 Dana running gyms with Roger Mayweather + 1st impressions of Floyd Mayweather 8:00 Roger Mayweather fighting heavyweight + real fight world is crazy 9:46 Why is Dana drawn to fight sports? 10:23 Dana would have resigned from UFC bcos of Rogan + Rogan’s loyalty 14:52 Dana managing boxers 17:17 Learning jiu jitsu, different storylines + seeing true potential of UFC 19:58 Approaching UFC to buy it for $2m + down $40m in the hole 24:29 Lionsgate owned all the IP, they didn’t believe at all + DVD helped a little 26:29 Dana’s mentality during all of this + hearing offers to sell UFC 28:19 TV was the savior, Spike TV initially hated it + putting up all the money 30:04 Power Slap makes MONEY 33:51 Dana’s motivator, UFC felt too violent + sparring is the killer 36:42 The Ultimate Fighter changed everything + that Final was insane 41:17 Starting to climb out the hole + Saudi saved boxing 45:22 UFC incentives the right performances + The Sphere show incoming + WE LOVE MEXICO 55:21 Deciding the right fights + media doesn’t know what they’re talking about 58:36 Mike Tyson should never have been fighting Jake Paul 1:01:58 What’s the criteria for good UFC fights? Styles makes fight 1:05:04 Learning how to tell compelling stories + incredible personalities are a bonus 1:09:10 What is Conor McGregor doing? Elite mental warfare 1:11:40 Jon Jones is the greatest fighter ever + P4P makes no sense 1:17:25 Intervening to protect fighters + you have no idea about their mentalities 1:20:51 UFC surpassing boxing, impact of Jiu Jitsu + Rogan’s commentary 1:24:06 The internet truly changed it all + we’re gonna see massive consolidation 1:30:45 Breaking into markets, Power Slap’s massive in India + finding talent 1:35:57 MMA is its own discipline + gyms all over the world 1:37:14 Dana manage his portfolio + Building niche sports 1:38:45 Dana’s biggest business failure + regret in not investing in… 1:42:10 How to pitch Dana on business + Dana loves negativity 1:45:24 Caesar’s the place, The Chinese LOVES gambling + Dana LOVES taking their money 1:53:27 The most Dana has won and lost + Baccarat’s odds are the best out there 1:58:17 Dirty tricks casinos use, LV treats you right + when you’re banned, means something out… 2:03:14 Charles Barkley loves gambling, bad luck people + superstitions 2:09:46 What makes Dana so successful? 2:11:46 Howie Mandel walkout was planned 2:13:56 The worst thing Dana ever tried… 2:16:10 The Brady Roast recap, no more stand-up EVER + Kim K was a G
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