Caitlin Clark’s Olympic Mistake, Will Smith’s Bad Boy Redemption, & A Flagrant Death in the Family
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YERRR, the Flagrant guys got together to mourn the loss of one of our own, talk about stroke games, parenting, the US Olympic Team's Major Problem with Cailtin Clark, educate y'all on why America is the best at Cricket, and explain why movies are DEAD. All that and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:49 Dov doesn’t know sloppy toppy 6:10 Dov has no stroke game either + Andrew Schartz 8:26 Back to Mark’s grandma + older women deserve to get off 14:38 Grammy had a great life 18:35 Andrew is a GREAT friend + Larry laying it down 21:35 Grandparents be cheating yo 26:32 Alexx’s & Dov’s moms are READY 30:31 It’s impossible to be a strict parent 33:11 Andrew ain’t got time for the homeless 37:15 Midwest = fun, Indian alcoholism + Pakistan cricket is down bad 39:55 They can’t handle US cricket + we like what we like 51:23 Music class with the baby + chewing up dem thangs 57:57 Caitlin Clark not in Olympics + WNBA turned into reality show 1:09:05 Bad Boys performed aight + Have we forgiven Will Smith? 1:15:17 Another golden age of cinema incoming 1:17:19 Why are Marvel films not hitting? Who watches Star Wars? 1:24:08 Just acknowledge it + We need a “weh-geh-geh” moment
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