Plus Sizes
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Plus-sized fashion seems to live in a separate trend cycle. There are different patterns, different cuts. And most notably, women’s shirts often have holes in their shoulders. And this separate plus-sized fashion universe reveals a lot about the way clothes are made and measured… and the way clothes dictate who is allowed to participate in public life. This episode was made in collaboration with the show Weight For It. Links, images, and more at articlesof
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Published 11/08/23
Color. Why we need it. Why we fear it. And where its future might lie. Images and links at Radiotopia’s fall fundraiser is here! Donate today to support Articles of Interest. Thank you!
Published 11/08/23
On stage in Toronto, with the help of shoe designer Aurora James and shoe historian Elizabeth Semmelhack, we go over a few shoes- and what they say about ourselves and the world. Images of all the shoes discussed are at
Published 10/25/23