A Good Ol' Fashioned Song Fight!
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SongFight.org is a weekly song competition that’s been going since the early aughts. Each week you’re given a title. You make a song with that title, email it to the "fight master", who then posts all the songs to be voted on. The song with the most votes wins. There’s no prize but the warm satisfaction of a job well done. From roughly 2003 to 2005, I participated in SongFight every single week. I rarely won, but as a precursor to song a day, I found it was a great way to keep myself accountable, to keep writing songs. Since starting Song A Day, I occasionally go back and participate in a fight...
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This episode is all about how I made the song and what happened once it went viral.
Published 03/24/20
Published 03/24/20
I woke up this morning with some lyrics and a melody in my head.
Published 03/17/20