Season 2: David Cross | Part 4: “Is This Who I Am”
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When comedians ask questions, their audiences are all too happy to answer … like it or not. In Part 4, "Is This Who I Am", we examine how feedback factors heavily into David Cross' current process and how it works for him. After all, no one’s immune to feedback. Ever notice this Internet thing the kids keep talking about? Then again, compliments are feedback, too. So, whatever its intent, feedback compels us to think just a degree or two more, which isn’t always a bad deal. This very phenomenon happened to Sarah Silverman, as well, but, as she tells us, she was prepared. Joining Silverman on this episode are Amber Tamblyn, Bob Odenkirk, Janeane Garofalo, and AO Scott of The New York Times. Original music by Fred Armisen. Subscribe to Assembly to access the podcast’s full archive, which includes its debut season featuring Iron & Wine/Calexico. Follow on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Podchaser
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