Part 6: Save The Cat
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Dr. Ramini reveals who is really to blame for this tragedy, and speaks to the role mental health played. Mark Gerardot faces accusations from Jennair’s letter. Meredith’s legacy is treasured by friends and family. And the cat Jennair left behind…gets a final farewell.
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For the first time, Dr. Ramani Durvasula and Mark Gerardot meet in person. Mark asks Dr. Ramani why she used the word narcissist to describe him, and then Dr. Ramani has some questions for Mark. And finally, Dr. Ramani reveals the most important psychological tool that would have helped all...
Published 08/18/21
Published 08/18/21
Dr. Ramani is in studio to answer questions from listeners, she shares her thoughts about the term “healthy narcissism” and then reveals the key component you need in order to have great relationships.
Published 08/11/21