How Is Business Conducted at Rotary Club?
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Judge George McKinnis and his wife have lived in Bronxville, NY, for over 40 years. They have two grown sons. He served two tours of duty as an Infantry officer and is now retired from the US Army Reserves. He has performed various services for his community, from being legal counsel to the Zoning Board of Appeals to serve as Village Counsel on a pro bono basis for three consecutive Mayoral terms to becoming and serving for twenty-four years as the Chief Justice for the Bronxville Justice Court with criminal, civil, landlord-tenant and traffic violation jurisdiction. He was President of the Bronxville Beautification Council for nine years. This Council is responsible for all of the plantings in the Bronxville commercial district.   He is a member of the Bronxville Rotary Club, which has been very active in international projects and has been President of this Club three times. He is a Director of his Bronxville Rotary Club, was District Counsel for his Rotary District 7230 for a number of years, and was elected District Governor of Rotary District 7230 to take office in 2021. In addition, he is Secretary for the Rotary Global History Fellowship, an organization within Rotary dedicated to collecting and preserving the history of Rotary International. In 2019, he received the Community Service Award, which was jointly awarded by the Bronxville Rotary Club and the Bronxville Reformed Church, and served as Marshal of Bronxville’s Memorial Day Parade. Judge McKinnis is a member of the University Club in New York City and the Bronxville Field Club. This Podcast aims to serve as a platform to promote culture, education, economics, peace, and conflict resolution.  We offer various discussion forums, peace-building, civic education, health awareness. All who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background.
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