81 Beginner The Spanish verb GANAR
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Join Cynthia and Gordon as they take you through the Spanish verb GANAR and its many versatile uses. The Spanish verb GANAR is used massively in Spain and so it’s really important that you know how to use it like a pro! The best way to listen in Spanish is... Read more »
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¡Estamos de vuelta! We are back! Here we help you with some of the more tricky irregular Spanish verbs that are a fundamental part of every Spanish conversation. Some of the irregular Spanish verbs that we cover are Ser, Estar, Tener and we even talk about the Go-Go verbs! Come... Read more »
Published 03/29/24
Join Cynthia and Gordon as they help you test your Ser , Estar and Hay! Sometimes in Spanish it’s difficult to know when we have to use these three tricky words. Come and join us and test your Ser, Estar and Hay with us! Te ayudaremos. Check out our Book... Read more »
Published 12/01/23