59. Rick Sammon: Lessons from a Legend on Professional Smartphone Photography
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Rick Sammon is an American photographer of many decades. He's a tireless, prolific and inspirational image maker and one of the most active photographers working today. He divides his time between creating images, leading photo workshops, making personal appearances, and writing books - always educating, creating and inspiring people. He's also incorporated smartphone photography into his professional work, which is the primary topic of the conversation. Topics Richard and Rick discuss: • Embracing smartphone photography? The pros and cons. • Why the conversion?  • Rick's recent projects and travels exclusively using the phone as an imaging tool. • The stigma of a professional photographer using a phone as an imaging tool. • Image quality • The biggest problem with phone photography • Post processing with phone images. How is it different? • Phone apps and software. • Apple and Samsung are driving imaging innovation. • Elitist thinking • Phones and AI art And much more. Notable Links: Rick Sammon Photography Website Rick Sammon on Instagram Rick Sammon on Twitter/X Rick and Susan Sammon's iPhone Photo Experience Rick Sammon's Online Classes Rick's Phone Apps for Photography: Snapseed Distressed FX REEHELD - for hand-held long exposures EvenLonger - for even longer hand-held exposures PS Express PS Camera Dramatic BW Lightroom ***** This episode was brought to you by Luminar Neo. Powered by AI technologies, Luminar Neo streamlines the editing process and provides everything you could possibly need to get photos that will look amazing on the screen and in print. Luminar Neo was designed for both hobbyists and pros and includes cutting-edge editing tools - all in one intuitive and easy-to-use app. Luminar uses generative AI to intelligently analyze your photos and erase distracting elements in your compositions, add realistic objects that seamlessly blend into the background, or expand the frame in any direction. If that's not your thing, Luminar is still one of the most powerful photo editors for natural and realistic images too. Luminar Neo has all the features you need to enhance your images with precision and ease. You can use Luminar Neo as a standalone app on your PC or Mac computer or as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, so you can keep your existing workflow. Learn more about Luminar Neo and how it can amplify your creative vision for your photos  by visiting skylum.com. ***** This episode is brought to you by Kase Filters. I travel the world with my camera, and I can use any photography filters I like, and I've tried all of them, but in recent years I've landed on Kase Filters. Kase filters are made with premium materials, HD optical glass, shockproof, with zero color cast, round and square filter designs, magnetic systems, filter holders, adapters, step-up rings, and everything I need so I never miss a moment. And now, my listeners can get 10% off the Kase Filters Amazon page when they visit. beyondthelens.fm/kase and use coupon code BERNABE10 Kase Filters, Capture with Confidence.
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